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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising has become one of the most cost-effective ways to get more viewers to your website.

SEO makes it easier for users to find your business through organic searches.

It's easy to get users to your website, but it's important to make sure that you are converting those users into leads.

Get More Visitors

Having a website is vital to a business's success, but if you can't get people to visit your website, you are wasting a lot of time and money. You time is valuable and you should be spending it running your business, not stressing over how to get visitors to your website.

Whether it's through pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) or creating quality blog posts, we can help you attract more visitors to your website.

Get More Leads

While getting visitors to your website is one thing, converting them into a lead is another. We will help optimize your web pages to be more effective at getting people to give you their contact information.

Sometimes this involves creating special landing pages that are designed to create action on the part of the user. Other times, it means rearranging how you deliver your message on your website.

Get More Sales

There are several ways to help increase the sales from your website. We enjoy creating website sales funnels to help foster leads into sales. We can also help you design e-mail marketing campaigns that will continually remarket to your leads.

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Nancy's Fancies Cupcakes
East Lake, OH

* Increased website traffic by 317% in just 30 days.
* Increased organic traffic from Google by 271%.

* Individual results may vary
Garden Day Spa & Salon
Rocky Mount, NC

* Increased website traffic by 284% in just 2 weeks
* Increased organic traffic from Google by 206%


We work with a lot of small, local business so we tend to price our services on the low end of the scale, but our service and results are just as promising as the higher-priced agencies.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
$99/month + 8% Ad Spend

Advertising online has become a very effective and inexpensive way to reach new markets. Online advertising platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook, and LinkedIn allow you to be specific on the market you a looking to reach. We can help you create and manage your online advertising efforts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local SEO
If you own a local business, local seo will help people in your area more easily find your website. This includes Local Listings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Keyword Research
Although keywords don't play as big of a role in search engine ranking, it is important to understand which keywords and phrases will best perform with your website. These keywords can also be used for any online advertising for your website.

On-Page Recommendations
Are you struggling to convert your website visitors into sales? This is the foundation of the website optimization. I will take a look at how your visitors are getting around your website and where they're dropping off. Then, I will make recommendations on how to improve website performance.

Sitemap Submission to Google, Bing, and Yahoo
A lot of people know that it's important to submit your website sitemap to Google, but it can also help to submit your website sitemap to Bing and Yahoo.

Analytics Reporting
It's important to understand how your website is performing. I provide a monthly analytics report for you to view and see how your website is performing and to measure KPIs that are important to you.

Meta Data Optimization
This is where we optimize your title tags, description tags, and keywords for your website to help increase click-through from search engine results pages.

Facebook Ad Credit ($10)
We love using Facebook Ads and we want to show you how much your business can benefit from using it so we are giving you $10 to run some test ads with. We will even create them and run them for you.

Unlimited Support
I want your business to be successful and I want to be available for whenever you have questions about website marketing. Using our awesome support ticket system, it is really easy to get answers quickly.

E-mail Marketing
$99 Per Month

Setup E-mail Marketing Campaigns
Design up to 4 E-mail Campaigns
Create up to 10 Series e-mails

Landing Pages / Conversion Optimization

Taking your website visitors through your sales funnel is not something that just happens, it is crafted. Sometimes, you will get hot leads come and immediately buy, but most of the time, you will need to nurture your leads. We will help you design a sales funnel for your website that will take casual visitors and turn them into repeat buyers.

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